Planning a Bachelor Party for Some Friends

I got roped into this by some guys at work, although it is not that big of a deal. Some guy that they knew in college is going to get married next spring and they are going to give him a bachelor party. Of course the two of them are married and they have to have a lot of plausible deniability before they get in this. So they got me to look for some party bus rentals for Toronto and I am going to be the front man for this operation. Of course I do not really have good enough credit to rent something like this, but they figured out a way to get around that. There is obviously not much telling how much one of these buses is worth, but I am not really seeing why you have to worry too much about damages. It is not like they are going to let me drive the thing. They are going to have their driver behind the wheel and if anything happens to the bus it is going to be his problem. Read More


Top Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Once the wedding has done, you will need a warm and romantic to release all the stress after your wedding. In Asia, you can find top honeymoon destinations with of the wonderful scenery and unforgettable emotions for far less money than other continents like Europe or America. If you prefer calm beach time or cultural travel, these top honeymoon destinations in Asia will not let you down.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

It’s not a secret if Bali Island in Indonesia is one of the most visited islands in Asia for vacation. But, did you know that Bali is also one of the top honeymoon destinations? Bali offers exotic panorama of private beaches as well as volcanoes. The island is always busy in the summer months, but you can avoid the crowds by visiting romantic beach villas and soothing retreats surrounded by rainforests.

Some beaches in South Bali such as Legian, Sanur, or Seminyak are great places to go for honeymoon. Beach time in Bali serves you peace, serenity, and of course, romantic vibe.

top honeymoon destinations bali

  1. . Malaysian Borneo

Borneo is a paradise for nature lovers. This world’s third biggest island is well known for its marvelous rainforest and biodiversity. You can spend your honeymoon in Borneo seeking for wildlife on trekking rainforests. Or, you can explore majestic waterfalls and relaxing on secluded beaches. Borneo has two states, Sarawak and Sabah, both separated by the Brunei Darussalam. East Sabah features outstanding scuba diving and other breathtaking adventure activities. Meanwhile, Sarawak is quieter but rich of natural attractions and culture.

top destinations for honeymoon asia in sarawak niah cave nature beauty in borneo

  1. . Sri Lanka

People might think Sri Lanka is not as popular as its neighboring country, India. Surprisingly, this country located in the south of India, is recommended as honeymoon destination in Asia. With rich culture, kind local people, great foods and restful natural attractions, Sri Lanka lure more and more tourists each year. Honeymoon in Sri Lanka is also cheap but meaningful.

sri lanka nature

  1. The Maldives

Also not far from India, Maldives is the smallest country in Asia that promotes romantic vibe. This island country becomes famous honeymoon destination in Asia. Beautiful islands, scuba diving, blue waters, and serene atmosphere make Maldives a perfect destination for newlyweds. Wonderful bungalows and tons of romantic honeymoon resorts will make you and your partner want to remain here forever. Although it is relatively more expensive, Maldives will guarantee you an unforgettable lifetime experience.

maldives top honeymoon destinations asia


Palawan: Philippines’ Top Destination

Palawan is the Philippines’ top destination. Palawan is an unexploited province with stunning scenery stretches beyond Coron, El Nido and Puerto Princesa. In this amazing island, tourists will be shown astounding cove landscape, lagoons, beaches and sharp limestone cliffs, and clear waters. Meanwhile, you may also explore the untouched reef if you go offshore.

palawan island in the philippines tourist attraction south asia travel destination

Puerto Princesa, which is the capital of Palawan Island province, is the main access point that also near the mangrove islands of Honda Bay. Even further north you will discover the lovely Port Barton beach resort town, the historic fortress town of Taytay and the amazingly wonderful islands of El Nido and also the Bacuit archipelago. Several areas are still somewhat untouched by tourism, such as the welcoming small fishing village of San Vicente and Long Beach, one of the greatest stretches of sand you can find in the Philippines. Furthermore, the undeveloped and unexploited Southern Palawan Island contains some beautiful spots in the entire country, from the Neolithic community remains found in the Tabon Caves, the cockatoo and turtle sanctuaries at Narra, to the entry point for Mount Matalingajan, called Brooke’s Point.

beach in asia palawan island philippines destination

In addition, The Calamian islands, sweep the northern areas of the main Palawan Island, has a well-deserved reputation for one of the best scuba diving spots in Asia. It’s most popular attraction is mostly the sunken WWII wrecks. However, if you are not a diver, there are plenty of things to do here. Small town of Coron on Busuanga is the access point for trips to enchanting Coron Island, with its volcanic lake and hidden lagoons to the south. If you are staying for days, it is recommended to bring enough cash with you. Outside Puerto Princesa, credit cards are only accepted by some big resorts. There are not many banks and ATMs as well.

palawan island province philippines top destination also asia travel attraction


Top 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

For tourists seeking to enjoy a fascinating beach location, Brazil is definitely a fantastic destination. This biggest country in South America is well-known for its great football players, exotic rainforests, gorgeous girls, and wonderful beaches. People who take a trip to the beaches in Brazil will also feel the charm in the lively music and unique dance, the outstanding cuisine, and big festivals such as Carnival. The following is a peek at some wonderful beaches to explore in this exotic paradise.

Ilha de Tinhare

The island of Tinhare is a location which has no vehicles. Even with the seclusion of the island, it is a most loved holiday location for both Brazilians and foreigners. The area is small but comfy for travel and leisure, and it is very easy to find some small but decent beach villas for rent. The island of Tinhare has many easy walking trails, and tourists will find abundant white sand beaches and great outdoor areas.

Ilha de Tinhare - one of brazilian beach


This region, well-known as “Jeri” is located secluded at in northern Brazil. For those who find that the most rewarding locations that offer an adventure, it is a nice choice. A trip across unpaved sand tracks through the dunes is the only way to reach it. Arrival to the small town of Jericoacoara greets visitors with tiny lodging, nightlife and great restaurant. Together with captivating coastal views there are several beach activities you can discover in Jeri Beach. One great trip should be to Sunset Dune destination and some of the most breathtaking sunset vistas are also to be seen, as well as a chance to see the stunning “green flash” just as the sun sets under the horizon.

jericoacoara beach tourist destination in brazil

Praia de Pipa

Surfers discovered this calm fishing town of Pipa in the 1970’s, and it promotes clean  and clear waters, turtles, dolphins and peaceful sea life that helped to change it into the amazing tourist town it becomes. Today, it is claimed to be one of the top beach towns in the Northeast, and is absolutely a favorite for the traveler who likes cultural beauties off the ordinary path. Favorite attractions like hotels, night life, and pousadas are relatively easy to find, though city-walkers will likely find the ambience here to be a quite colloquial.


The beach made famous in the a legendary song called The Girl from Ipanema is one of Rio de Janiero’s most popular tourist attraction until today. A long expanse of white sand and calm rolling waves, Ipanema has routinely listed in the top spot of the best Brazil beaches lists every year. Well-established shops, cafés and restaurants as well as an array of galleries, museums and clubs, stretch along the beach. Located in the upscale South Zone”, Ipanema is located between the beaches of Leblon and Copacabana.

ipanema beach at night-brazil tourist attraction


Although many of Brazil’s famous beaches are secluded and wild, this one is placed right in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Subsequently, it promotes a wide variety of amenities that are easy to visit without a lot of planning. This is a famous party area, and it is filled with tourist during Rio’s festivals, and other events.

top beaches in brazil-copacabana


How to Avoid Jet Lag for More Convenient Travel

Most tourists consider making the most of their own minimal time abroad, however, they are often failed to think about the leap through different time zones they in several hours. It can get your body’s clock a number of days to get into that leap. Moreover, in the meantime you are likely to encounter the dysfunction of your sleep and waking cycle that is known as jet lag. Signs and symptoms of jet lag consist of sleepiness at day, insomnia at night, low concentration, distress, and hunger at incorrect times or appetite loss. To avoid jetlag, or at combat its stressful effects, here are our some applicable tips from us:

  1. Adjust internal clock.

A few days before leaving, progressively change your sleeping and eating periods to match with those at your destination. As soon as you arrive, learn the local time for daily routine.

  1. Choose overnight flights.

You will have dinner at a regular time and be likely to sleep than on mid-day flight. Based upon on the duration of the flight as well as the number of time zones you get across, you will arrive at your desired destination in the morning or afternoon. It will be easier for you to reset clock.

  1. Reduce coffee.

For 12 hours before, and also during your flight, you should really try to avoid caffeine. Even though caffeine can keep you awake longer, it can make you get up more usually once you do fall asleep and reduces your total sleep time.

  1. Stay hydrated.

Try to drink at minimum 7 ounces of water for every single hour you are in the plane even if you don’t feel thirsty. You can also pack some of your moisturizing lotions and lip balm to stay hydrated.

  1. Avoid alcohol inflight.

Cabin air makes passengers feel dehydrated. In addition, the altitude changes can also accelerate the effects of alcohol. Alcohol may make you relax, but it also dries you out faster than you thought and make the symptoms of jet lag even worse.

  1. Use sleeping pills smartly.

A sleeping pill may be helpful when you are on overnight flights. However, you have to make sure that you set the dosage properly or you may be groggy when you arrive on land. Also, taking medicine you are familiar with is also a must to avoid jet lag.

  1. Get to the outside.

After the arrival, try to spend considerable time out in the sunlight. It will help your entire body to recast its natural clock to match with your new surroundings.