I got roped into this by some guys at work, although it is not that big of a deal. Some guy that they knew in college is going to get married next spring and they are going to give him a bachelor party. Of course the two of them are married and they have to have a lot of plausible deniability before they get in this. So they got me to look for some party bus rentals for Toronto and I am going to be the front man for this operation. Of course I do not really have good enough credit to rent something like this, but they figured out a way to get around that. There is obviously not much telling how much one of these buses is worth, but I am not really seeing why you have to worry too much about damages. It is not like they are going to let me drive the thing. They are going to have their driver behind the wheel and if anything happens to the bus it is going to be his problem. Of course they invited me to tag along and I am not averse to the idea, although they are the only people that I know who are going to be there. It is pretty tough to pass up a night out on the town if you do not have to pay for anything. It is sort of like being a pretty girl I would guess. At any rate I have to make all of the arrangements, although it is not as though any of the decisions are mine. They are telling me what to do and then giving me the money. I am sort of wondering if it might look like money laundering or something like that to the tax people.